Application for affiliation

Everyone who meets the basic criteria is welcome to participate in and influence the focus of IoT Sweden as an affiliated organisation. More information about applying for affiliation of IoT Sweden is below. It is free to be an affiliation to IoT Sweden.

Why does IoT Sweden want to involve several organisations?

As an affiliation to IoT Sweden, you have the opportunity to influence the focus of IoT Sweden’s efforts. As affiliated you will also meet other affiliates and an increased insight into other industries. Members of the Board are elected from the affiliated organisations.

Who can be an affiliation? Basic criteria

To become an affiliation in IoT Sweden, you belong to an organization with activities in Sweden, such as companies, government, universities and colleges, municipalities and county councils, industry organizations.

What benefits do you have as an affiliated organisation?

The affiliated have the opportunity to influence the program’s focus and focus. You also have the opportunity to meet and network with other organizations and industries at, among other things, the meeting. There is also the opportunity to participate in the board.

What commitments?

As an affiliation, we expect you to grow to develop Sweden’s use of IoT. No compensation is paid. We also expect the organisation to participate in the annual workshop for affiliated, as well as the annual general meeting.

What rights / obligations?

Affiliated have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and will be presented as an affiliation on IoT Sweden’s website.

How to apply?

By filling out an application and a Letter of Intent. The LoI letter also certifies that the document Rules for cooperation was read.

Who can I ask if I need more information?

Contacts at the program office