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Swedish iot solution is spread to Chile

Press release 21st of September, 2018

The IoT hub LoV-IoT in Gothenburg has created an IoT solution for air and water monitoring in order to contribute to better public health and now it will spread internationally. The start of a large-scale test arena in Santiago de Chile takes place during an official visit from September 24 to 26.

“IoT Sweden’s vision is that the Swedish public sector, in cooperation with companies and academia, will be the world leader in making use of the opportunities with IoT. It is therefore very exciting that we now have the opportunity to test our projects’ knowledge and solutions internationally”, says Jin Moen, Programme Manager, IoT Sweden.

Carolina Schmidt, Environmental minister, Chile.
Mario Molina, Nobel Prize winner i Chemistry 1995.

The Swedish delegation with representatives from IoT hubben LoV-IoT and Program Manager of IoT Sweden will meet Chile’s environmental minister Carolina Schmidt, as well as the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 1995, Professor Mario Molina, who showed great interest in the Swedish IoT solution.

As part of the meeting, a cooperation agreement between SOFOFA (Federation of Chilean Industry) and LoV-IoT project partners will be signed. Even the Swedish ambassador to Chile, Oskar Stenström, will attend the meeting.

Since the autumn of 2016, the IoT hub has been working to develop city air and water monitoring using IoT-based solutions to help improve public health. The project is funded through the strategic innovation programme IoT Sweden.

The Hub is run by the Environment administration in Gothenburg City, and the other parties are Ericsson, Hagström Consultant, IMCG Innovation Management and Communication Group, Insplorion, IVL Swedish Environment Institute, Molina Center Santiago de Chile, Clean Water, RISE, Swedish Hydro Solution, TalkPool, Trafikverket, Universeum , Uppsala Municipality and Vinnter.